Somnio MCT CBD Oil Tincture 250mg 10ml - Balance

Somnio MCT CBD Oil Tincture 250mg 10ml - Balance

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Balance with our CBD MCT oil tincture. 

  • 10 ml bottle.
  • 250mg of CBD in
  • 2.5% Active CBD
  • 100% Natural
  • Vegan

Our  MCT CBD oil can be placed in your coffee or can be taken sublingually like other oil tinctures. Great for people who are trying CBD for the first time. Generally, one drop of CBD liquid in this bottle of 250mg, will equate to 1.25mg of CBD. 

Dosage and Use: Can be taken sublingually or a few drops into your morning / afternoon coffee.

Ingredients Spotlight

MCT Coconut Oil


MCT Coconut Oil- Promotes weight loss whilst giving an instant source of energy. Contains essential fatty acids that help to fight yeast and bacterial growth.

CBD- Perfect ratio of amino acids to feed and nourish and strengthen your defence system. Relaxation benefits.


Ingredients: Hemp CBD with MCT Coconut Oil.