Pikky's Story

My Story

My journey with Somnio started after suffering for years with anxiety, insomnia and an overactive mind. After countless attempts to try and manage my conditions I decided to look into more natural alternatives to medications, and that’s when I came across Somnio and CBD.

I started trying the products for myself and I was amazed at the quality of their 100% natural, non GMO and cruelty free products. Using Somnio’s CBD products helped with my issues and gave me back my quality of life. As my sleep improved, so did my anxiety and my overall well being. This gave me the confidence I needed to speak up to people and share my story and experiences with other’s in a similar situation.

I began recommending Somnio to friends and family, which prompted me to reach out to Somnio CBD and to enquire as to how I can work with the brand to spread the word, kickstarting my journey as an ambassador.

I now get to do what I love, and share the positive impact CBD has had on my life, whilst helping other people reach their goals and earning a living in a way that works around my lifestyle.