CBD Tea & Coffee

As CBD has made its way into the mainstream, more and more variations in the way it is consumed have become apparent, from edibles including CBD chocolate, CBD honeysticks and CBD sweets to CBD Oil tinctures and CBD vapes. A groundbreaking trend that is topping the list is to incorporate CBD into the nations favourite drinks.. Tea & Coffee....


With the market for CBD coffee growing intensely in the UK and US, CBD coffee shops have began to pop up in major towns and cities providing the most delicious and unique coffee's around. Barristas are now creating flavourful CBD concoctions including CBD lattes, CBD cappuccinos and many more caffeine filled variations.

Coffee is the daily staple of many people, Coffee drinkers and suppliers have realised that CBD and coffee go hand in hand which has led to more products becoming available on the market, from pre mixed ground bean coffees, to users mixing their own combining CBD oil tinctures and regular coffee beans in order the get their daily dose.

Putting CBD oil in coffee?

CBD and coffee are a simple combination with dramatic effects. Coffee is proven to be one of the worlds favourite drinks with its high caffeine content winning over consumers by providing:

  • Increased alertness
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Increased blood pressure and circulation

CBD has similar effects to coffee but I reverse also producing significant benefits such as:

  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Reduced ligament and joint pain
  • Improving sleep cycles
  • Reducing blood pressure

The combination of CBD and Coffee bring the benefits of each substance together, even more due to the fact that both are naturally grown plants yielding a host of benefits with low risk.

CBD coffee effects

Coffee is a very beneficial substance for the body and one of the healthiest and most natural drinks available all around the world. Studies of shown it can aid in battling long terms illness, contains a range of essentials nutrients and is rich in anti-oxidants. Alongside these benefits coffee delivers a caffeine boost to the body improving alertness in which these effects can last up to 3 hours.

As coffee can cause increased anxiety due to high levels of caffeine, CBD is the perfect component to counteract this as it is known to relax the body and reduce levels of stress and anxiety. For those who have problems sleeping due to caffeine sensitivity, CBD coffee helps with the sleep cycle helping to establish a more settling sleep routine and improving over all sleep quality.