CBD Oil Tinctures

The use of CBD oil tinctures has grown within the UK market at an alarming rate, transforming from an unknown substance that only physicians would know about to an every day talking point for the public. There are a range of products on the market that relate to the cannabis plant including CBD and Hemp, these are available in many forms including,CBD hemp oil drops, CBD Vaping e-liquid, CBD Cream, CBD Edibles (Gummies & Drinks) and CBD capsules amongst many other forms....

Using CBD Sublingually

There are currently many forms of third party research being carried out on CBD (Cannabidiniods) including studies of administration methods that can be used and which method of taking CBD is the most effective. CBD oil and Hemp oil is most popularly taken using Drops or a Tincture in which the user would take drops under the tongue (Sublingually) to allow the CBD oil to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Somnio CBD oil Tinctures are available in a wide range of strengths ranging from 250mg to 10000mg, drops are usually highly concentrated compared to that of other methods and should be taken in measured doses. The recommended daily amount of CBD is usually displayed on the bottle in which it will be stated how many drops of CBD oil should be taken using the included 1ml dropper. A first time CBD user? Take time to fully understand the product and to gradually build your CBD intake gauging your own tolerance against the desired effects.

Coconut Carrier Oil

We use Coconut MCT Oil also known as fractionated Coconut Oil to increase the bio-availability of our products allowing the body to process CBD more efficiently. MCT Oil is made up of long chain fatty acids which are removed and reduced to medium chain fatty acids which are processed more efficiently by the body. When used in CBD oil tinctures, fractionated oil has no flavour or smell allowing easy sublingual use and the option to add a more palatable flavour.

CBD Oil Taste

Once used CBD oil tincture drops can be bitter to the taste when coming into contact with the tongue,users describe the taste as “Earthy”, to combat this Somnio provide a range of flavours including Orange, Lemon, Mint, Mint chocolate, Chocolate hazelnut and many more. Drops can be added to a variety of beverages including CBD in tea, CBD in coffee and CBD in water to counteract this effect further.

Can CBD be used in cooking? Oil can be added to a range of foods including CBD in soups and CBD in dressings.

CBD Oil Tolerance

Users often wonder “How long does it take for CBD to work?” this depends on a range of factors including how CBD is taken, CBD tolerance a person may have, amongst many others. It is thought the most effective method of absorption is to use CBD sublingually (under the tongue), in which the effects can be felt in as little at 20 minutes as the oil is absorbed directly into the bloodstream by the sublingual artery.

Benefit From CBD

There are many supposed benefits based around research carried out on CBD and hemp, it is believed the cannabis plant has a high level of therapeutic properties including aiding in the treatment of pain, Epilepsy, Inflammation, ALS, Multiple sclerosis, Broken bones, Psoriasis, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Substance abuse, Nausea, Heart disease and arthritis amongst a wide selection of conditions.