CBD Lifestyle

Embrace the cbd lifestyle with a selection of groundbreaking CBD products including bath bombs, bath salts, mani cubes, pedi cubes and honey sticks. Relax after a long day with these soothing CBD products. From soaking in a frothy CBD bath to tasting sweet CBD honey sticks.


Who thought that a bath could get any more relaxing than it already is, but with the release of cbd bath products such as bath bombs and salts this is a reality. When it comes to bathing the addition of bath bombs were considered luxury, although they now the norm for a range of users who see the potential and are benefiting from the advantages exclusive to CBD lifestyle products.

CBD Bath Product Benefits

Drawing a bath every once in a while yields a number of amazing health benefits, these include:

Improves Blood Flow

A hot bath expands your blood vessels improving blood flow and circulation to all areas of the body. This helps promote healthy organ function and increased cell growth. Skin will appear healthier and will become more effective at fighting against bacteria and infection most notably relieving the symptoms of cold and flu.

Relieves Muscle, Joint and Bone pain

Hot baths are often used by sports persons and athletes in order to release tension in the muscles and joints. Warming the body thoroughly is a low impact way of loosening the muscles and causing them to relax without any need to physically stretch or pull them for relief.

Can Improve Sleep Quality

Soaking in a hot bath will relax the body, this also prepares your mind for sleep by slowing thought processes and relieving anxiety. The body also prepares for sleep by relaxing and releasing any tension within the muscles, preparing you to form a stable stationary position ready for sleep.

Soothes Irritated Skin

Heated water and soap can soothe the skin naturally, CBD alongside existent vitamins and minerals can reduce skin irritation and inflammation, this is beneficial for conditions including eczema, psoriasis and flaky skin.

Anti-ageing CBD

CBD is a proven anti-oxidant and can benefit skin conditions with its anti-inflammatory properties which can be used in general skin care practices with anti-ageing and wrinkle treatment. Cbd is rumoured to work with collagen raising levels within the skin and contributing to younger looking and healthier skin.

CBD manicures & pedicures

The use of CBD lifestyle products including CBD Mani cubes and Pedi cubes have become more common within the beauty industry in areas including feet, hand and nail treatments. CBD Manicure and Pedicure products have become more popular, these products aim to nourish the hard working skin of the hands and feet also treating the nails and cuticles, reducing inflammation, combating dry skin and improving overall skin health. In addition to intensely moisturising the skin, CBD works with the manicure and pedicure process to increase levels of relaxation.

Honey and CBD

Honey has been a long serving natural remedy healing wounds, providing energy in the form of sugar, soothing skin ailments including burns and blisters providing an antiseptic layer when applied to the skin. Honey has a variety of uses and benefits making it an ideal pairing for cbd. Offering a sweet,delicious taste alongside CBD's ability to relieve anxiety and reduce pain.

Honey sticks have been developed as one of the most convenient methods of administering CBD, honey sticks are thin tube casings jam packed with a mixture of delicious pure honey and CBD.

These sticks are the same size as the average straw allowing them to be transported easily for use on the go.

As honey provides a sudden energy boost they have become popular within the sports field in areas including running, jogging, weight lifting and various other activities. They can also be used more generally after a long day or alongside a low intensity activity.

Honey sticks can be eaten straight from their tube or added to any number of food favourites including toast, yogurt, cereal, crumpets and in drinks including tea and coffee.