CBD Creams

Topical CBD is a selection of products including balms, creams, lotions, salves and a range of other specialised skin application products such as CBD serums, CBD rolls on and CBD eye cream. CBD Topical products are applied directly onto the skin of an affected area of the body intended for treatment, usually relieving pain or inflammation....


What is the difference between CBD lotion, cream, balm, salve and ointments?

There isn't a whole lot of difference between these products apart from their variations in consistency. Usually creams and lotions have include an increased water based solution allowing them to be applied over a wider surface area, leading to faster absorption of CBD into the skin. Salves and ointments are of a thicker consistency and will adhere to the skin for a longer period of time than CBD lotion or CBD face moisturiser, this allows for slower CBD absorption allowing the affected area to be treated over a prolonged period of time.

Depending on your own requirements of use it is always best to consult a doctor before starting any course of treatment, consulting a health professional will ensure the most suitable CBD product is administered to treat your specific ailment. If you decide to select your own course of CBD treatment it is usually down to trial and error, working out which product works most efficiently for you.

Will CBD Cream Make Me High?

CBD Cream does not get you high due to its lack of THC content. THC is a cannabinoid molecule that binds to open receptors in the brain producing a psychoactive effect. CBD topicals are applied to the skin which acts as a barrier prohibiting the transfer of any THC molecules into the bloodstream, this is if the product contains any trace amounts.

How much CBD balm should I use?

Research has shown that CBD is one of the least toxic substances for the body, this means that it is almost impossible to overdose on any cannabidiol product. Always begin your CBD application in low dosage levels in order to gauge which treatment routine is most suitable for you.

CBD Topical Uses

Topical CBD for Pain

Topical's are used for the treatment of many familiar ailments especially aches and pains caused by everyday activity. This includes joint, bone and muscle pain amongst many other forms of muscle damage and inflammation.

The Endocannabidinoid System plays a vital role within the body naturally flooding the effected area with cannabinoids in order to regulate the level of pain felt and to provide relief. This system is boosted by the application of CBD increasing the level of pain relieving cannabinoids released to the effected area.

Massage oils, balms are most likely the most effective to deal with pain reduction.

Is CBD anti-inflammatory

CBD has been known to reduce inflammation, when an area is irritated or inflamed this results in higher levels of pain. Studies have shown that topical forms of CBD including creams, balms and salves are proven to have anti-inflammatory properties calming the effected area by reducing swelling and soothing pain.

CBD topical s have supposedly been beneficial in treatment of:

  • Cbd for Arthritis.
  • Cbd for Joint pain.
  • Cbd for Muscle strain.
  • Cbd for Localised pain.
  • Cbd for Multiple sclerosis.

CBD skin treatment

Somnio produces high quality products including CBD skincare and beauty products. With cannabidiols apparent anti-inflammatory properties it is seen as an ideal remedy for skin irritation with simple application, usually directly onto the effected area. CBD can be combined within moisturisers and creams alongside a range of beneficial ingredients with a selection of skin replenishing properties.

It is suggested that CBD has the ability to treat or prevent break outs of acne, this is due to CBD's ability to inhibit the production of excess am amounts of sebum by the skin. If the pores produce too much sebum (Oil) this often clogs them and produces an outbreak of acne.

Some of the conditions that Cannabidiol Creams, Balms and Moisturisers may benefit are :

  • Cbd for Acne.
  • Cbd for Eczema.
  • Cbd for Inflamed Skin.
  • Cbd for Psoriasis.
  • Cbd for Dry and Flaky Skin.
  • Cbd for Skin Rash.

Cbd creams, balms, moisturisers and salves are very useful in the maintenance of skin health, with multiple beneficial effects these forms of cannabidiol use have been seen to provide relief for many people in a variety of capacities, including CBD for the young, old, pets, sports persons, health professionals and in areas of beauty treatment. The potential of these CBD infused products are growing rapidly as more research is carried out into this revolutionary substance.