CBD Capsules & Tablets

CBD capsules are the quick and easy way to get your daily dose of CBD. Capsules are very similar to CBD pills which feature concentrated CBD isolate as opposed to pure cbd oil that Is contained within a thin degradable membrane. Capsules consist of simply CBD oil combined with a carrier such as fractionated coconut oil which is considered the highest quality organic MCT carrier oil....


CBD Capsules are also available in a water soluble form allowing them to be dissolved within the users desired beverage such as tea, coffee, juice or water.

Alternatively there are drinks that incorporate CBD directly such as CBD tea, CBD coffee and CBD shots.

How are CBD Capsules different to CBD Oil?

CBD Capsules are considered one of the most effective method of consuming CBD oil, capsules are administered orally usually alongside a beverage. CBD Oil is available in tincture form and is administered sublingually (Under the tongue) using a 1ml dropper or consumed with food and drink.

CBD oil is considered to be extremely versatile and can be taken in a number of ways, although methods may not be effective when delivering equal doses, where as capsules deliver the exact same dose every time ensuring that you don't stray from your recommended daily amount.

CBD Oil vs Capsules

Depending on your own CBD preferences capsules can be considered one of the most efficient ways of consuming your daily dose of cannabinoids. Capsules make it extremely easy to measure user intake as all units contain an equal dosage of CBD oil, for example the typical standard is 25mg per capsule and if your daily dose is 50mg you would take two capsules to fulfil this with ease.

Users report that taking CBD sublingually can produce a bitter or earthy taste in the on the tongue and around the mouth, using capsules is a convenient way of avoiding this issue.

Keeping track of dosage is an important factor and with capsules its a breeze, this is especially useful if you do not have the time manage your dosage on the go using other CBD products such as administering CBD drops sublingually.

How long does it take for CBD capsules to work?

On average the effects of orally administered CBD last up to four times longer than alternate methods including tinctures and vaping. Although capsules may last longer the body also takes longer to process them, delaying the initial effects.

CBD capsules help with pain?

Capsules have been known to aid with chronic pain of various causes. CBD capsules are slow release allowing pain to be managed over an extended period of time.

Are CBD Capsules easily stored?

Many customers love CBD capsules as they can be taken almost anywhere with their discreet appearance and manageable size, suitable for storage in bags, lockers, drawers and easily kept alongside your usual vitamins and minerals.

How you take CBD is down to your own personal preference as there are many administration methods that present a variety of advantages and disadvantages depending on the goal you wish to achieve. CBD is personal to the user and dosage can be effected by a number of elements.