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CBD and Menopause

  What is menopause? The menopause is the end of a woman’s menstrual cycles. This is a normal process for every woman and it marks the end of the female reproductive period. The menopause occurs when the woman has been without a menstrual period for over year, and the onset of the menopause can be a slow process. Whilst women are born with a lifetime supply of eggs, this number decreases every year, and this declines much faster when women reach the age of around 40. The average age for menopausal women is between 47 and 58. Symptoms When a woman is approaching the menopause, there will be a ‘transition period’ were the female begins to experience the symptoms of...

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CBD and Sleep

  CBD and sleep is one of the most searched CBD terms. With a nation of insomniacs, more and more of us are looking for a natural way to help us nod off. With the rise in technology, insomnia is now more common than ever. This is because our devices such as phones, laptops and tablets are overstimulating our brains, making it more difficult to switch off in the evening. Additionally, the increase of stress-related sleep disorders means that more people are relying on a sleep aid to get a full night’s rest. Sleeping pills are the most common aid for sleeping, however, they do carry many risks, such as depressed breathing and seizures. Sleep medications are also found to...

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