How can CBD help athletes?

Which professional athletes use CBD?

Bubba Watson

Two times golf champion, Bubba Watson said that CBD helps sustain his career at the highest level.

Watson recently celebrated his 40th birthday revealed that he uses the products to ease the rigors of playing golf and credits it for keeping him free of injury.

Speaking to CNN, he said: “For me, it was about how I create longevity in the game of golf and spending time with my kids running around. CBD was easily a fit for me.”

Andrew Talansky

Former pro cyclist Andrew Talansky spent seven years as a professional cyclist before he switched to triathlon. He was then using muscles he hadn’t used for years and said his body was ‘constantly inflamed.’

He then suffered a hip injury and instead of taking NSAIDs, Talanksky opted for CBD oil.

Speaking to Outside magazine he said: “I took it for a couple of weeks and there was a noticeable difference immediately. It wasn’t just my hip that was feeling better. I was feeling less anxious and I was sleeping better.”

Lamar Odom

Former LA Laker’s star, Lamar Odom has his own CBD line, Odom 7, that offers full spectrum oils, gel caps, muscle creams and water soluble.

On his website Odom uses the tagline ‘Worth Living’ and explains: “CBD oil changed my life when I began using it every day… I have worked hard to produce the oil because I want to change the world.”

Since being linked with the Kardashians, Odom very publicly went to rehab and in 2015 suffered from six heart attacks and five strokes. He personally used CBD during this recovery time and believes it is an effective, natural product.

Odom recently told his social media followers: “Hemp CBD has been a HUGE game changer for me this past year and has helped me in many ways. If you have been on the fence about CBD, now is the time to try it.”


So, how can CBD benefit athletes?

Relieves Pain and inflammation 

Inflammatory pain is the most common type of pain that athletes experience. Athletes usually get pain relief with over the counter non steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen.

However, these types of drugs can be detrimental to long term health. Excessive use of these painkillers has been linked to heart attacks, strokes, kidney damage, gastrointestinal bleeding and more.

The anti-inflammatory properties in CBD can help inflamed muscles and joints without all the side effects of NSAIDs.

In this way, topical CBD products such as creams and balms are helpful for athletes as they can be applied directly to the area which needs attention.

Speeds up recovery

As well as relieving pain, due to its anti-oxidative and anti – inflammatory properties, CBD has shown to speed up recovery, especially work out recovery such as inflamed muscles.

When you work out, you put stress on your body to encourage it to grow. This physical stress results in increased oxidative damage, too much of which can harm performance and slow recovery.

By reducing oxidative damage, CBD can help athletes recover faster and perform better.

Our Somnio CBD Heal Balm is great for enhancing post workout recovery and contains Hemp Extract and Hemp Essential Oil.

Helps with anxiety and to get a good night’s sleep

Getting more and a better night’s sleep is one of the most effective ways an athlete can achieve greater training gains.

Poor sleep slows down athletic recovery and performance. Research has shown we need a full 8 hours for our bodies to heal after a strenuous workout.

A good night’s sleep the night before an event is crucial to good performance, however for many athletes this may be hard due to anxiety and pre game jitters. CBD can help this anxiety, leading to a better night’s sleep.

How exactly does CBD help anxiety? CBD specifically binds to 5-HT1A, a specific receptor of serotonin and boosts signalling through serotonin receptors. Low levels of serotonin have shown to cause depression and anxiety, and CBD acts to trigger more of this chemical.

Settles gut

One of the main reason’s athletes drop out of races is because of gastrointestinal distress.

Two of the main causes of this in athletes are dehydration and overheating, which unfortunately CBD isn’t able to help. However, if you have underlying gut or inflammation issues that contribute to gut problems before and after exercise, CBD can help to relieve these symptoms.

CBD works as an anti-spasmodic that also produces calming effects. It works by interacting with cannabinoid receptors within the digestive track. This interaction reduces spasms and pain leading to improved mobility.

With CBDs many benefits, both physically and mentally, there’s no wonder it’s advocated by athletes across the globe.

Is CBD legal for athletes?

Yes, CBD is legal for athletes in both the UK and USA. CBD is not listed on the World – Anti Doping Agency prohibited list and is therefore permitted to use in all sports.

All other cannabinoids such as THC are prohibited in competition.
Although the very small amount of THC in CBD full spectrum products (less than 0.2%) are very unlikely to be picked up on a drugs test, to be extra cautious, athletes may want to opt for isolate CBD products which contain no THC.

If you’re an athlete considering taking CBD in competition, we recommend speaking to your team first.