Celebrities who can't get enough of CBD!

We all know that the world is Hollywood obsessed, with skincare trends growing we all want to know the secret to looking youthful for longer. These Hollywood stars have all opened up about using CBD products, from baby showers to pre-flight rituals, Hollywood is doing it all.


What is CBD?


CBD is a compound that is found in the Cannabis sativa plant. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, therefore it does not get you high.


Kim Kardashian


“Obsessed with CBD everything” Kim Kardashian made headlines when she threw a CBD baby shower when welcoming her fourth child, Psalm. Her baby shower involved meditation, a sound bath and CBD products. Although the mother of 4 was initially against a baby shower, she wanted something zen and relaxing because she was “freaking the f* out having a fourth kid." She told People. In a bid to share the experience with close friends and family, she invited them to make CBD infused bath oils and bath salts, whilst also taking part in meditation.



Dakota Johnson


Most of us get some sort of pre-flight nerves, but when you are a Hollywood star flying from country to country, its likely to take its toll on your body clock. In a bid to ease the stress of flying as well as tackling jetlag, actress Dakota Johnson takes CBD drops on her flight to help her sleep through them. “I try to knock myself out on planes, otherwise my whole world falls apart” the actress told ELLE, during an interview.


Jennifer Aniston


Living life with the world watching you means always keeping up appearances. From red carpets to a walk in the park, celebrity culture means always being photo ready. Jennifer Aniston revealed that she tends to use CBD to help with her “pain stress and anxiety”, which undoubtedly comes alongside worldwide stardom. Despite previously being labelled a “stoner” in her early years with husband Brad Pitt, Aniston now opts for CBD as “it has all the benefits of marijuana without the high”. With so many star studded events to attend, the world wanted to know Anniston’s secret to looking young and carefree, and we may just have it.



Mandy Moore and Sarah Paulson


Pain is beauty, or so they say. Well for some of the world’s favourite A-Listers, it hurts to look so glamorous. Mandy Moore has confessed that her stylist, Karla Welch recommended CBD balm for her feet, to help those throbbing aches and pains from wearing high heels. It is also a trick that other celebrity stylists have been recommending to their clients, to make these long, glamorous events a little easier. American horror Story actress, Sarah Paulson referred to CBD as a “miracle cream” when it comes to soothing aching feet on the red carpet.


Busy Phillips


Busy Phillips is legendary for her quirky performance in White Chicks and the world have kept their eyes on her ever since. With the rise of social media, celebrities have to endure not only keeping up public appearances, but also online appearances. With the rise of platforms such as Instagram and twitter, celebrities are more exposed to backlash and criticism. To help cope with the stress and demand of daily life, Busy Phillips keeps CBD chocolate and gummies “on hand” at all times to help with her anxiety and stress.


Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop, are catapulting themselves into the CBD trend, and are selling some of the most popular products among A listers such as, CBD bath bombs, CBD tea and CBD chocolate. Paltrow herself is also a huge advocate for CBD, and frequently offers advice on how to use her beloved vape pen.


Emma Roberts


Emma Roberts has been on our screens since she was a youngster, and everybody wants to know her secret for still looking young and youthful. Her glowing looks mean that even at 28, she still often plays characters who are at least 10 years younger than her. With long filming days and stressful re shoots, pampering and recovery are essential. The wild child star admitted on Instagram that she loves to use CBD bath bombs to help her relax and feel better. With the growing trend of CBD products, beauty products such as bath bombs seem to be a firm favourite with Hollywood’s finest.


Kristen Bell


Whilst living in the spotlight, staying in shape is a huge pressure for celebrity men and women. On top of healthy diets, we often see Hollywood stars photographed leaving the gym or even shopping at organic farmers markets in a bid to maintain their image. To recover from intense workouts, Kristen Bell uses a CBD body lotion to soothe her “sore muscles after working out”. The Good Place star also shared with her Instagram followers that she uses CBD to help cope with her anxiety after one follower asked for advice.


Tom Hanks


High intensity action movies and worldwide fame come with its pro’s and con’s. Many celebrities like Tom Hanks have had to deal with their struggles in front of the media. The Sully star opened up to CNN about using CBD to soothe his anxiety. “I was fed up of taking various pills to try and make me “better”. It wasn’t how I wanted to live my life anymore, so I gave CBD oil a try. It was a huge relief to feel like myself”. Hanks also shared that he got relief from some of his aches and pains, and has gone into research about the impact of CBD on stress related diabetes.



Whichever Hollywood secret you are trying to crack, there’s a CBD answer to all of them. From aching feet to Hollywood glam, more celebrities are conquering the world with CBD.