CBD and Veganism

Veganism is a way of living, with the intention of living to avoid the exploitation or the harm of animals. This includes using products tested on, or made from animals, visiting zoo’s and aquariums, and eating animal-based products. Vegan’s follow a plant-based diet, and due to the number of people taking up a vegan lifestyle, people can still enjoy their favourite treats by using plant-based recipes.


CBD is derived from hemp and cannabis plants, meaning that the compound that is extracted is vegan. When these compounds are mixed with other ingredients to create CBD products, this then can become a blurred line between what is, and what isn’t vegan.


One of the most popular ways to consume CBD is through edibles. This can include chocolates, gummies, lollipops, mints, and more. These products could contain dairy or gelatine, which as a result makes the products non-vegan. However, many brands are now using vegan recipes or offering vegan alternatives, and there is a huge number of CBD edibles on the market that are vegan-friendly.


Skincare can be confusing when it comes to veganism. Many people confuse the terms of cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. Cruelty-free is when the product is not tested on animals, but can contain animal-based products such as beeswax and keratin, honey, and collagen. Vegan-friendly means that the product does not contain any animal-based products and are also not derived from animals. Many brands are now sticking to natural, vegan-based products, which means that there are a huge variety of CBD skincare ranges on the market which are also vegan.

CBD oil

CBD oil is vegan, this is because CBD is commonly mixed with MCT and coconut oil in order to create a tincture. This means it will be unlikely for any CBD tinctures to be anything other than vegan. CBD oil tinctures are a great way to consume CBD as it can be taken sublingually or added into recipes and drinks. This means that in order to ensure a vegan product, CBD oils can be placed into a vegan recipe for the desired effect.

CBD and Medicine

Everyone at some point in their lives is likely to need medication of some sort, including vegans. However, many medications including those on prescription are not vegan as they either contain ingredients or excipients (the bits they add to make the medicine into a tablet). Additionally, all medications must be tested on animals before they are tested on humans in order to gain a product licence. It is not recommended or any vegans to avoid any prescribed medications, as this could be detrimental to one’s health and wellbeing.  This means that many people are turning to CBD to help with their minor ailments, such as minor aches and pains, to anxiety and even sleep.


Overall, there are many CBD products on the market to cater to the vegan community. As veganism continues to grow around the globe, so does the demand for vegan products. For those looking for a natural remedy, CBD is becoming increasingly popular, and the demand for CBD is growing alongside veganism.