How can CBD help to reduce Period Pain?

For most women, periods are associated with pains, which for some at times can be unbearable.

It’s usually felt as painful muscle cramps in the stomach, but can also spread to back and legs. The intensity of the pain can vary from month to month due to a variety of factors such as stress levels, diet etc.

What causes period pains?

Period pain occurs when the muscular wall of the womb tightens (contracts).

During periods, the wall of a woman’s womb starts to contract more vigorously to encourage the womb lining to shred away as part as the monthly period.

When the muscular wall of the womb contracts, it compresses the blood vessels lining your womb. This temporarily cuts off the blood supply – and hence oxygen supply – to your womb. Without oxygen, the tissues in your womb release chemicals that trigger pain.

The pains can be even worse for women who suffer from conditions such as endometriosis or irregular pelvic inflammation which make the lining much harder to shred.

How can CBD help?

The anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD get the most appreciation in regulating period pain. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and is used to help inflammatory conditions like arthritis or to help calm down inflammatory skin conditions.

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Ibuprofen is the most common anti-inflammatory drug used to calm down period pain, however some people do not like taking these as these kinds of drugs can be detrimental to long term health. Excessive use of these painkillers has been linked to kidney damage, gastrointestinal bleeding and more.

Using products like massage oil could help to relax the muscles reducing the aggressive clenching while adding an analgesic effect for comprehensive period pain management. Products such as Somnio CBD massage oils contain ingredients like ginger which has a warming effect on the muscles which then as a result can help to stimulate the blood flow and ease cramping. 

CBD suppositories

Vaginal suppositories have been used to ease menstrual cramps, abdominal pain, endometriosis, pelvic discomfort, post-coital pain or inflammation, vaginal dryness and pain with intercourse, as well as for relaxation and sexual enhancement.

How do they work?

The tiny, cylinder-shaped CBD suppositories are inserted vaginally, similarly as you would insert a tampon without an applicator. Most are made with hemp oil, cocoa butter, and coconut oil, which allow the suppository to soften and melt once it’s inside your body.

From there, the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream via the mucosa in the vagina — which is actually very absorbent, much like the lining of your mouth or your gut, according to Jennifer Berman, a board-certified urologist and sexual health expert based in Los Angeles.

As these suppositories are fairly new, more research needs to be done to fully understand how (and if) this method works however, many anecdotal reports are positive.


The CBD trend is growing and growing, and even though this one has not taken off as much as the others, there’s still time!